Saturday, 26 September 2015

Today's rescheduled trains list available 26th September's rescheduled trains list available 26th September

Below is the list of late running or rescheduled or delayed trains details. Passengers need to take note before start journey in the following trains. Start date 26th September 2015.

Train NoTrain nameStart dateRescheduled
by time

00501NGC-PTNR PCET HOLIDAY SPL26 Sep 20:3048 hrs20:30 28 Sep
01306KUMBH MELA HOLIDAY SPL26 Sep 15:004:10 hrs19:10
01315NK-ET KUMBH MELA HOLIDAY SPL26 Sep 10:303 hrs13:30
01711CSTM-JBP SUMMER SPL26 Sep 11:054:05 hrs15:10
04405LKO-NDLS EXPRESS SPL26 Sep 06:504:10 hrs11:00
11014LOKMANYA TT MAIL EXP26 Sep 08:4520:15 hrs05:00 27 Sep
11019KONARK MAIL EXPRESS26 Sep 15:109:20 hrs00:30 27 Sep
12142RJPB CST SUPER FAST EXP.26 Sep 10:4016:20 hrs03:00 27 Sep
12270NZM-MAS DURANTO EXP26 Sep 15:452:40 hrs18:25
12355ARCHNA EXPRESS26 Sep 07:0555 min08:00
12410GONDWANA EXPRES26 Sep 15:202:15 hrs17:35
12414JAT-AII POOJA EXP26 Sep 18:153:45 hrs22:00
12460ASR-NDLS EXPRESS26 Sep 06:151:15 hrs07:30
12488ANVT-JBNSUPERFAST EXPRES26 Sep 07:301 hr08:30
12818ANVT HTE EXPRESS26 Sep 19:452:30 hrs22:15
13007U ABHA TOOFAN MAIL EXPRESS26 Sep 09:351:30 hrs11:05
13132ANVT- KOAA MAIL EXPRESS26 Sep 15:306 hrs21:30
14006LICHCHIVI MAIL EXPRESS26 Sep 15:106:50 hrs22:00
14681ASR-JUC MAIL EXPRESS26 Sep 14:451 hr15:45
15012LJN SRE MAIL EXP26 Sep 17:052:50 hrs19:55
15117MUV-JBP MAIL EXPRESS26 Sep 08:251:40 hrs10:05
15210ASR-SHC JANSEWA MAIL EXP26 Sep 06:352:10 hrs08:45
15483SIKKIM MAHANANDA MAIL EXPRESS26 Sep 09:505:55 hrs15:45
17203BVC-CCT EXP26 Sep 04:101 hr05:10
22405BGP-ANVT GARIB RATH26 Sep 13:305:30 hrs19:00
51262WR- AMI PASS26 Sep 10:051:10 hrs11:15
55218CPR-SEE PASS26 Sep 09:3040 min10:10
55347BC-LKU-PASS26 Sep 11:0050 min11:50
57425PASSENGER26 Sep 10:002 hrs12:00
57594SC PASS26 Sep 04:551:30 hrs06:25
57605SC-VKB PASSENGER26 Sep 08:1030 min08:40

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