Thursday, 24 September 2015

Todays Reschedule/Late Running Trains list 24th Sep

Todays Reschedule/Late Running Trains list 24th Sep

Below is the list of Trains Running Late/rescheduled by Indian Railway on 24th Sep. Passenger need to take note.

Train NoTrain nameStart dateRescheduled
by time
11020KONARK MAIL EXPRESS24 Sep 15:255:05 hrs20:30
11463SMNH-JBP MAIL EXPRESS24 Sep 09:301 hr10:30
12311HWH DLIKLK MAIL24 Sep 19:403 hrs22:40
12481DLI-SGNR INTERCITY24 Sep 13:103 hrs16:10
12712MAS-BZA PINAKINI EXP24 Sep 14:0540 min14:45
12905PBR HOWRAH EXP24 Sep 07:002:30 hrs09:30
13022MITHILA MAIL EXPRESS24 Sep 10:001:30 hrs11:30
13132ANVT- KOAA MAIL EXPRESS24 Sep 15:305 hrs20:30
14623PATALKOT MAIL EXP24 Sep 10:153 hrs13:15
14673SHAHEED MAIL EXPRESS24 Sep 06:301 hr07:30
14712SGNR RKSH MAIL EXP24 Sep 04:104:05 hrs08:15
14732FKA DLI MAIL EXP24 Sep 02:003 hrs05:00
15483SIKKIM MAHANANDA MAIL EXPRESS24 Sep 09:502:10 hrs12:00
15484SIKKIM MAHANANDA MAIL EXPRESS24 Sep 06:351:25 hrs08:00
18520LTT-VSKP MAIL EXP24 Sep 06:553:35 hrs10:30
19579BVC – DEE LINK MAIL EXPRESS24 Sep 12:152 hrs14:15
22905OKHA-HAPA LINK MAIL EXPRESS24 Sep 05:252:30 hrs07:55
51262WR- AMI PASS24 Sep 10:0520 min10:25
55344BC-KSJ-PASS24 Sep 09:3515 min09:50
55347BC-LKU-PASS24 Sep 11:0025 min11:25
57686BJP-SUR PASSENGER24 Sep 00:051:50 hrs01:55
59379IND MKC PASS24 Sep 05:202:30 hrs07:50
59547ADI-OKHA PASSENGER24 Sep 12:004 hrs16:00
75101BUI-BCY DEMU SEWA24 Sep 04:451 hr05:45

Todays Reschedule/Late Running Trains list 24th Sep

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