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चेन्‍नई सेंट्रल स्‍टेशन पर धमाके, 1 की मौत जबकि‍ दर्जन भर हुए घायल

चेन्‍नई सेंट्रल स्‍टेशन पर धमाके, 1 की मौत जबकि‍ दर्जन भर हुए घायलचेन्‍नई सेंट्रल स्‍टेशन पर गुरुवार सुबह हुए दो धमाके हुए। 1 महिला के मारे जाने की खबर है। इसके अलावा 11 से ज्‍यादा लोगों के घायल होने की भी सूचना है। राहत और बचाव का काम जारी है। 
 धमाका प्लेटफॉर्म नंबर 9 पर खड़ी 12059 गुवाहाटी एक्सप्रेस ट्रेन में हुआ। सुबह 7 बजे जैसे ही ट्रेन चेन्‍नई स्‍टेशन पहुंची, ट्रेन में धमाके हो गए। धमाके ट्रेन के एस 4 और एस 5 कोच में हुए हैं। धमाके की वजह का पता नहीं चल सका है। इस मामले में गृह मंत्रालय तमिलनाडु पुलिस के संपर्क में है। मंत्रालय ने इस घटना में आतंकवादी साजिश होने की आशंकाओं से इनकार नहीं किया है।
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‘Single train ticket’ to Kashmir-All set by J&K Governmnet and Northern Railway

Jammu: Kashmir will soon be accessible to tourists by train as the J&K Government and Northern Railway have inked an agreement to introduce “single train ticket” system that will help tourists from all over the country and foreign nations to reach Kashmir directly from other parts of the country.

Under the agreement, tourists buying railway tickets to Kashmir will have a “complimentary” bus ride from Udhamur to Banihal stretch as tourists will disembark from the train at the Udhampur railway station and board State Road Transport Corporation (SRTC) buses to Banihal from where they will again take a train to Srinagar or Baramulla.
The facility, however, will be available only after the inauguration of prestigious 25-km Udhampur-Katra rail line, which is likely to be inaugurated by the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh in the first week next month.
So far, the people have train facility only up to Udhampur from Jammu and other parts of the country, while the train in Kashmir chug up to Banihal from Baramulla.

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Rail Control Solutions centre at Gurgaon by Bombardier Transportation

Vadodara (BRC): Bombardier Transportation which operates its plant at Savli near Vadodara has opened its Rail Control Solutions Centre at Gurgaon, company sources said here today.

The facility would house Bombardier India’s signals engineering and project delivery team, which develops and delivers railway train control solutions.

“Investment in this new engineering centre will enable us to work even closer with Indian customers and partners,” Bombardier Transportation India’s Chief Country Representative Harsh Dhingra said.
Bombardier has delivered its Cityflo-650 train control solution for Delhi Metro’s Line 7, the first driverless mass transit system in India, company sources said.

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Mumbai Metro Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar Rail Corridor to open for Public after mid-May

Good News for Mumbaikar

Mumbai: Although no date has been decided or announced to open the 11.4 km long Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar Mumbai Metro rail corridor for public, top officials have said that the route can be opened after a week of getting the safety certificate.

Talking to the media on Tuesday, Abhay Kumar Mishra, Chief Executive Officer of Mumbai Metro One Private Limited (MMOPL), informed that last of the statutory certification inspection for the project has got completed.

MMOPL is the consortium that constructed the first metro line and will also operate it.
“We will start the metro corridor after seven days from getting the safety certification,” said Mishra.
According to Mishra, the Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS), has completed the physical inspection between April 18 and April 26 and now he is scrutinising the documents submitted. Therefore, it is likely that Mumbai’s first metro line will be opened any day after mid-May.
The metro, once open for public use, is expected to cater to more than one lakh passengers daily between 5.30am and midnight.
During peak hours, the headway or frequency of the metro will be four minutes as compared to 8-10 minutes during non-peak hours. Around 200 services will be run daily.

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Seat Layouts for Executive Chair Car, AC Chair Car type Shatabdi Coaches

Indian Railway Seat Layouts/Coach Layouts/Coach Map for Executive Chair Car, AC Chair Car etc type Shatabdi Trains.

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